Jan 25, 2007



"More than ever, people want work that fits in with a larger sense of purpose in life. For many people, that includes a concept of God, or something like it." says Stew Friedman, practice professor of management and director of the Wharton Work/Life Integration Project.

In the world of corporate diversity and inclusion, first there was race, then gender and ethnicity, then sexual orientation. Now religion is knocking at the door, and, according to some experts and practitioners, it isn't likely to go away anytime soon.

This faith-at-work movement, says David Miller, executive director of Yale University's Center for Faith and Culture and author of the 2007 book, God at Work: The History and Promise of the Faith at Work Movement, will ultimately shape business culture as profoundly as the push for civil rights and equal pay has shaped the environment for minority workers and women.

Source:Knowledge at Wharton