Dec 7, 2006

Protecting corporate reputation

How can a commercial lawyer protect his client’s reputation and legally protect their interests from ‘blogmobs’? Nick Mason in the Legal Week examines the various options available.

He feels that “lawyers will need to be imaginative in seeking to protect the interests of brands and clients in the blogosphere. The legal issues are not new, but the options available to seek redress are limited and uncertain in their effectiveness.”

As he rightly says lawyers and their clients, need to tread carefully when contemplating legal action against a blogger because it can become a bad PR exercise and viewed as a David Vs Goliath battle.

He suggests that brands or a corporate can consider legal principles like “breach of an employee’s duty of confidentiality; breach of statue, such as the Data Protection Act, infringement of copyright or trademark; conspiracy to injure economic interests and unlawful inducement to breach a contract.”

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