Dec 24, 2006

Expatriates find Dubai still appealing has released its latest research report "Pay, Inflation and Mobility in the Gulf".

According to the latest research, despite high inflation and the lowest savings rate in the region, the UAE remains the most popular Gulf destination for expatriates.

Survey respondents cited attractive career opportunities, good infrastructure and facilities, and a liberal society as the main reasons for choosing Dubai.

The Dubai government has been active in raising the profile of the city internationally, the report said. As well as investing in modern infrastructure, it has launched a stream of economic initiatives including the Dubai International Financial Centre.

With the economic boom causing staff shortages across the Gulf, the UAE's immense popularity is further straining the availability of expatriate talent for the rest of the region.

According to's report, employers in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman have difficulty attracting professionals in sufficient numbers and many are losing existing staff to the UAE.

This research report was based on’s survey of 18,000 professionals – including 1,000 GCC nationals, 6,000 expatriates living in Gulf countries and a further 11,000 expatriates based outside the Gulf with an interest in relocating to the region.