Nov 3, 2006

Resume glut

This is actually a comment on one of my earlier post and my reply.


This comment was actually in relation to my posting about how companies should enhance their image as an employer of choice by making each interaction with the jobseeker a positive experience.


So here is his comment and my reply, suitably edited to take away the inessentials and add more spice.


“think the massive job boards have contributed to this. We interview tons of young college grads, who constantly report that they send out dozens of resumes and typically get ZERO response. Makes me wonder why .......... et al still manage to get any business from employers.




Maverick said...


So true.


Can we look at the zero response peeve in another way?


Is there any way to train these young college graduates, to use these job boards properly?


Frankly, I get the feeling that most of them who apply through major job boards are trigger happy.


In India, the majority do not have access to the internet at home. And for an average unemployed Indian, it’s prohibitive to spend time on the net. (It costs around Rs. 15 per hour here in South India.)


I assume that they just visit the relevant job category and indiscriminately hit the send button. Idea being, to apply to as many jobs spending as little time on the net as possible.


The ease, in which the major job boards lend themselves to this, is no doubt the cause.


Another reason could be because of the zero response, they become more agitated as the time passes and decide that throwing more rocks can help them get a response or is it yelps.


Your take on this is welcome. “



Notice how I ramble. Anyway, I truly feel this is one of the causes for these massive resume glut we all face.


Opinions, raves and rants are welcome.