Nov 4, 2006

The joys of mentoring

In an interview, Poonam Barua Regional Director - India, at The Conference Board (New York), says that for Indian companies mentoring is a low priority function.

“I believe that the best HR heads in Indian companies seem to have relegated the mentoring function to a lower priority.”   

Maybe the head honchos mulling over the fate of the world, have clean forgotten the joys of mentoring.

Hope the few points I mention below will help them rediscover the joys of mentoring.

Mentoring creates a well rounded workforce.

Mentoring gives them an opportunity to identify the stars in their workforce.

It improves individual, team and in - turn an organisations productivity.

It gives the employees an opportunity to understand the management.

Understand the employee’s perspective.

By mentoring, mentors also gain intangible benefits.

Enables the mentor to win employee engagement when business environment is going south.

Increases a mentor’s visibility in the organisation, no doubt increasing his chances of achieving his personal ambitions.

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