Nov 2, 2006

Email & The Candidates

Reading this made me think about the kind of emails I receive from candidates.

Most of the resumes are forwarded through job portals. So most have the standard blah,blah.

There are some exceptions. There are some real dynamic characters who exhort me to reply ASAP. This really gets to me because, for one, the accompanying resume is irrelevant to the job or the contact numbers are so outdated, that ASAP is not possible. The kicker is this, the candidate who exhorts me to reply ASAP then doesn’t check his email for the next 20 days.

So to say his exhortation is needless.

Then there are candidates who give a set of instructions. Starting with send both covering letter and resume and there is one gentleman from Delhi, who always wants me to consider him for ‘TOP MANAGEMENT’ openings only. The pity is he is no way qualified other than by the sheer weight of his years.