Nov 16, 2006

Are Indian corporates ready for the whistler blower?

This report suggests that they are not ready for the whistle-blower and more damagingly they have failed miserably in sanitizing their employees about it.

A poll conducted by Indiaforensic Consultancy Services among BPO workers in Pune found that 90% of the respondents were not aware of any whistle blowing or a fraud reporting system in their organisation. They were also unclear as to what is a fraud or a breach of ethical business practice.

If this how bad the mechanism of whistle blowing in a sector where even a hint of fraud can cause huge loss of business, imagine the mechanisms available in the other sectors.What protection is there for the friendly neighborhood whistle blower?  None

Okay, let’s leave the whistle blower aside for the moment and as Ravi Srinivasan of the Hindustan Times asks, “Where is the whistle?”

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