Oct 25, 2006

Two-Thirds of the Employees Want to Change Job

Bad news for the employers.

A new research reveals that 66 percent of employees go to work wishing they were in a different job. The rest are in various stages of quitting their current employment.

Not earning enough money (23%) and being bored with their current job (19%) were the top reasons for looking for a change.

When probed on why they were unhappy with their current job, the following were the top ten reasons.

1.    I don’t earn enough money

2.    I’m bored with my job

3.    The work I do isn’t appreciated

4.    The job doesn’t use my talents and skills

5.    I don’t like my manager/I don’t like the organisation I work for

6.    The company isn’t investing in me by providing proper training

7.    I don’t have a satisfactory work/life balance

8.    The hours are too long

9.    I haven’t been given a promotion in ages

10.    I don’t like my colleagues

Altogether, an uneasy time ahead for the employers.

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