Oct 6, 2006

Employee Enthusiasm

Ever wondered how to make an employee wake up each day full of energy, a song on his lips and a spring in his steps, rearing to go to work?

Employees are enthused because work provides them three key elements that gives them what is commonly termed as ‘job satisfaction’. These elements are vital to the employees because it makes them love what they are doing and completely focuses their mind in completing their jobs to their satisfaction. These elements also increase their pride in the quality of work they do.

The three factors that increase their enthusiasm are:

1. Equity                      : Fair treatment and fair wages.

2. Achievement            : Pride in the job and in the company

3. Camaraderie             : To be on a cohesive team of co-workers that works to win.

Source: Sirota Enthusiasm Survey

It is also needless to add that even if one of these elements is missing, then their enthusiasm drops. Their job satisfaction also dips. When this happens they will loose interest in the job and also in the company they work for.

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