Jun 19, 2006


We all know that when we make mistakes it’s an opportunity for us to learn. 

Then why aren’t we making them? We spend a great deal of time in our professional and personal life trying not to make mistakes.

Researches have found that we are hesitant to make mistakes for four reasons:


We are seduced into assuming that since we are experienced, we have seen it all. And the method or the process we are following for donkey’s years is the best. This prevents us from looking at things anew. We follow the true and tested path.


We cannot afford to make a mistake because, at our level, making a mistake means revealing incompetence. We would rather do the same thing again and again, rather than try something new and fall flat on our face. It’s a question of professional pride.


Doing the same thing the same way gives us the satisfaction that all we have learnt and cherish are true. We are always looking for evidence to confirm it. What better way than to be satisfied by getting the same results, which again reinforces that what we are doing is correct.


Because we get the same result every time, we reassure ourselves that nothing has changed. It reassures us that we are on the right path and there are no threats to our environment. When there is no threat why should we change?

So we have to look at every minute as an opportunity to learn and to learn we have to make mistakes and to make mistakes we have to break out of our comfort zone.