Jun 22, 2006

The key to setting and achieving goals.

Almost every day we come across articles on why one should set goals, what your goals should be and how to achieve them.

It set me thinking on why there were so many articles on it.. 

The obvious conclusion was, to grow, one needs to set goals and achieve them.

But the number of articles and experts who spout the need for setting goals and coming up with various methods for setting and achieving them led me to another conclusion, i.e., a large majority of us fail in our endeavour to set and achieve goals.

So why is it that we fail?

The key is to set goals which are a outcome of both external and internal motivations.

For example if your goal is to become another Lakshmi Mittal.

Then the key to achieving it is to have external motivations like the power, prestige, money, cars etc., coupled with internal motivations like increased self esteem, pride on a job well done etc.,