Jun 17, 2006


What is the difference between a successful person and a person who is
just going through the motions and lamenting that he is not heading any
where ?

A successful person is committed to growth. He has a vision and a long
term strategy for achieving it and also is fully committed to achieving it.

What are the building blocks for personal growth?

Successful persons have a culture and a value system that drives their
ambition. They will not indulge in illegal, immoral or unethical
practices to achieve their goal.

They have flexibility. They know how to leverage their talent or
capabilities to capitalize on the growth opportunities which come their

They constantly learn and evolve every day.They spend time to acquire
new skills which are germane to their growth. So when the time comes
they are equipped with all the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

But last and not the least they align their talent, strategy and values
in pursuit of their individual or organisations values and growth

Any successful person,has to have a firm understanding of his strengths
and also a very good idea of how his talent,strategy, culture and values
has the best chance of success.