Mar 30, 2006


At last, at last several facts that corroborates what I have been sayingall these days.

IT industry is not the be all and end all for job generation.

This survey ( READ NEWS ITEM HERE )conducted by ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific) a regional arm of the UN has come out with the results of the survey it conducted on the unemployment scenario in India.

It states that the IT sector accounts for just 1% of the GDP. As such its ‘quantitative significance is limited’.

At best it employees 1 million people out of a workforce of 450 million. It also states that India should pay attention to the need of the non-elite strata of the society and use agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors for job creation.

Even though I am happy to be vindicated, it’s a hollow feeling.

How are we going to take care of the rest of the workforce?

I think more attention should be given to the SME‘s and the government should provide more facilities and incentives to them.

As usual the traditional industries will be ready to take up the slack. And the media frenzy about IT sector should stop.

Just to clarify, I am not against the IT industry. My concern is that we have gone overboard in evaluating their strength in job creation.