Feb 15, 2006


Working for a small company has both its upside and downside.

The upside:

Working for a small company gives us an opportunity to work in varied functional areas, which you can never do when you work at larger firms. You can gain more skills and expertise in a lot of other areas.

Small company’s because of their size in general gives us more opportunities to interact with people in other functional areas, thus giving us a larger perspective of how an organization works.

Since you are more visible, success is magnified. Your success here can draw the attention of larger firms and could be a stepping stone to gaining employment in bigger companies with enhanced responsibilities.

The downside:

Small companies because of their size may have next to non – existent avenues for career growth. The compensation leaves a lot to be desired. Since everyone is multi-tasking the opportunity to gain in-depth experience in your core function will be impaired.

The success and recognition you get in small companies will leave you ill-prepared to face the cut- throat, dog eat dog world of large companies, where you have to fight every inch for your due.

Small companies also tend to flounder, and also tend to collapse faster during a downturn leaving you with no lead time to land another job.

The bottom line:

Small companies provide a good launch pad for freshers and a good cushion for experienced, particularly for people who have taken a break in their career.