Feb 25, 2006


Why is this man smiling?
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Its not easy to recruit a senior manager to take your organisation to the next level.But finally you have a candidate who seems to fit the bill.

Test him for his visions, goals and his management style.If you are convinced that you can marry his vision, goals and management style to the organisations vision, goals and management style, start reeling him in.

To facilitate this process. You should first appoint a senior executive as an advisor, i.e., a single point of contact for the candidate.

This Advisor, should be an executive who is confident of his worth to his company, and a person who is above turf wars, and also above feeling threatenend by the arrival of a newcomer.

Why I am making such a song and dand dance about the advisors attributes is, more often than not the recruiting process get sabotaged because executives at the same level feel threatenend, by the arrival of a newcomer.

The advisors role in the recruiting process will be invaluable if all the information is given to him. He then can clarify any doubts or apprehensions of the candidate regarding the roles and responsibilities.

The Advisor can make the whole process less stressful for the candidate.In case of negotiation of salary the Advisor can play a negotiators role.

The Advisor can also help the candidate to settle into his new job fast, and also ease any apprehensions he has from time to time. He can also become a mentor for the newcomer in the later stages of his carrer in the company.

So appoint an advisor, who will act like a friend, philosopher and guide to the new recruit.