Feb 9, 2006

The overseas job market for Indian Doctors is not bright.

For some 6000 doctors in Britain, the dream of getting a job in the NHS (National Health Services) is in tatters.

These are unemployed doctors from the Indian Subcontinent in Britain and they are actually reduced to the level of living of free meals from temples and gurudwaras.

Some of the 6000 doctors are now working in Petrol Bunks,fast-food chains and in supermarkets.

The main reason for their unemployment seems to be that due to budget cuts, the NHS has reduced the intake of manpower.

Too many qualified Indian doctors chasing too few jobs.

Simultaneously the British medical colleges are also churning out medical graduates confounding the situation.

The situation in Britain is so bad that these unemployed Indian doctors apply for even minor jobs.

Also you need to show some work experience to get a job and some hospitals have started cashing in by charging these unemployed doctors to work for them for a few days to get this work experience.This adds to their financial burden.

Another reason is that the the mandatory qualifying test called the Professional Linguisitic Assessment Board ( PLAB) is held almost twice or thrice a week.

As usual the training institutes back in India are so successful in preparing their students for this test that the success rate is very high. So a glut of doctors in Britain along with the local medical graduates are competing for the few job openings.

After more East European countries joined the EU, doctors from those countries are also eligible to work in Britain.They too have been applying for the NHS adding to the increasing number of applicants.

So if your planning to sell your property, take loans to emigrate to Britain for the dream job in NHS, beware it has all the potential of becoming a nightmare.