Feb 13, 2006


Even the most confident among us will have a queasy stomach when it comes to attending a job interview.

One of the reasons for these jitters could be because of fear of failure or even the fear of goofing up a crucial point during the interview.

The thoughts that race through our heads when we contemplate failure are actually much worse than the interview itself.

But the challenge is how to turn this fear into focus, to focus all your abilities to turn this interview into a success and get the dream job.

One way would be to simply prepare ourselves thoroughly for the interview. Nothing surprises a prepared mind. Once you are prepared, you will automatically become confident and this in turn will put you on auto – pilot so to speak, or as sportsmen say you will enter the ‘zone’.

When going for the interview, avoid conflicts. Leave early for the interview and arrive with sufficient time to spare. Avoid dissipating your energy by clubbing many activities on the way to the interview. This not only gives you the focus, but also frees you from the distractions.

Arriving early for the interview, not only cools you down from the aggravations you met on the way, but also brings your focus back to acing the interview. Being early for the interview gives you time to study your fellow applicants and remind you that they are all humans.

Sometimes the time we sit waiting at the reception will reveal that the interviewers are humans and not by androids.

Now relax, go and score the knock out punch.