Feb 26, 2006

Contradictions that is India

Contradictions is India
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I was reading in a blog that 16 million new jobs are likely to be created this year.

In the same breath it also mentions that there 40 million registered unemployed in India.

I doubt about the first statements veracity, because it says it is only likely.

The second statement can be easily verified because these figures will be available at the Department of Labor or some such government organizations.

It got me thinking on the inherent contradictions in our great country, India.

Where on one side we see India's glossy side, IT, growing international political clout, talks about competing with China and articles about the 25 most powerful women in India.

The underbelly reveals, unemployment, high suicide rates in some states, poverty and migration of people from the rural areas to the cities, because of lack of opportunities and news on a day to day basis of women being oppressed.

The contradictions that is India.