Jan 29, 2006

How will the employment scenario look in 2006 ?

New job creation will be average.
The unemployment rate is expected to hover around 9 %.
Does that mean that it will be easier to fill in the vacancies ?
I doubt it.
If you are in IT,ITES, financial services, organised retail and telecom, availability of trained quality manpower is going to be at a premium.
What does the year 2006 hold for us employers and recruiters?
Nothing great.
Too few quality candidates with a whole host of companies and a bunch of recruiters chasing them.
Looks like the salary and the attrition rate is going to be pushed up.
Candidates having multiple job offers and holding out for higher compensation package.
Candidates jumping ship when the heat is on.
Candidates bombarding all and sundry with their resumes.
Business as usual.